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Our goal is to inspire your passion for uncovering your past so that you can build a positive family legacy for the future. We do this by combining personalized genealogy research and heritage travel planning services. We provide both comprehensive packages and a la carte services. Whether you’re interested in researching a single family line, following the path of a family member, or focusing on a specific country, we’re here to help. 

MelNel Genealogy is a veteran-owned, woman-led, US-based small business.

Meet Founder, Melanie Nelson

Melanie Nelson is a seasoned genealogist and avid traveler who blends her two obsessions to help you create memorable adventures.  


Her Journey

Several years ago my parents and I finally dug into the plastic bin containing old photographs, newspaper articles, and assorted ephemera from the past. Not my past, but that of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and beyond. We spent three days discussing names, connecting people, documenting relationships, and remembering stories. I became hooked. With the snap of my fingers, I became my family’s historian. My hobby quickly took over my evenings and weekends when I conducted research and attended classes or conferences. 

I like chasing genealogy for the hunt. Upon uncovering another name or date or location, I’m apt to run around the house doing my happy dance, celebrating my next win. I play a detective searching for clues that solve familial relationships. As I construct the framework of the people, I bring their stories and experiences to life. 

 A genealogy research trip to Ireland set my life on a new path. The transformative experience inspired me to action. I blended two of my obsessions – the study of genealogy and the pleasure of travel – into the form of MelNel Genealogy. I now seek to inspire others to discover a passion for exploring their past by creating memorable ancestry adventures.

Let’s uncover your past and create memorable experiences for you and your family!

    TRAVEL Resource — Ireland

    Kerry Experience Tours

    You feel blood running green through your veins. Your favorite annual event is St. Patrick’s Day. You inexplicably crave Guinness, colcannon, boxty, and soda bread. Whether you’re beginning your research or are ready to hop the pond, it’s your time to experience the myth and magic of the Emerald Isle. In collaboration with our good friends at Kerry Experience Tours, we cover it all. 

    An Irish heritage trip is bucket-list worthy. With Kerry Experience Tours as your private driver/guide and MelNel Genealogy as your personal genealogy assistant, you are in for an adventure that brings your family history to life in Ireland. Your adventure is not about big bus tours and rigid schedules. This offering is customized to your travel approach. Leave the planning to us!  

    Package Includes:

    Customized Travel Planning Services

      • Personalized day-by-day itinerary incorporating tourist activities, meaningful ancestral stops, and genealogy research opportunities as desired
      • Family history travel booklet documenting the purpose and relevance of each stop as it relates to your genealogy
      • Airport pick-up and drop-off
      • Private driver and guide anywhere in Ireland
      • Accommodations planning and booking
      • Dining and meal recommendations

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